Croissance means Growth and as the very name suggests Croissance Pvt Ltd was formed with the intention of maximizing the growth and potential of the food and beverage industry in the country, through dynamic products and service. The F&B segment constitutes ~30% of household spending and is expected to further grow by leaps and bounds in the time to come. Croissance is set to explore this tremendous opportunities in the Food and Beverage and Cafe Bakeries segment, where lies a huge void that needs to be fulfilled. Founded by like minded entrepreneurs and industry experts,our mission is to revolutionize this industry by the innovative products that are set to be a completely new experience for our customers.



Delicieux logo

Croissance Pvt Ltd has formed a subsidiary "Delicieux" which is again a french word and means Delicious. With a chain of cafe bakeries opening up in Delhi NCR and Bangalore, we are sure to tantalize the taste buds of our customers and bring to them the ambience of a typical French cafe, with tastes and dishes that can be enjoyed by both young and wise alike